termitesDid you know there are over 2,300 species of termites across the globe? Luckily, there are only 45 in the United States, but they’re still a problem when they get into your home’s wooden beams and support structure. With termite season in full swing, here are some tips and tricks to preventing these pests from invading your home.

Inspect annually

The earlier termites are found, the easier it is to get rid of them. An annual termite inspection is a necessity for all homes and businesses. A professional exterminator is the best resource for identifying a termite infestation, but you can also look for signs of termite infestation yourself: look for holes in your beams or mud tubes. On finished walls, look for bubbling paint. This signifies a colony has formed and needs to be dealt with. Hire a commercial pest control service to handle the infestation professionally, and hire experienced professionals to perform annual check-ups.

Treat your home for termites

Hire a professional pest control service to treat your home to prevent termite infestations. This typically includes a full treatment of the exterior of the structure and interior where needed, using only the most effective products on the market and applying termiticide to stop termites in their tracks.

If you’re building a new home, consider creating a barrier where your house will rest on the land. This can be done by a pre-construction application of termiticide. Ground-to-wood contact is the number one way a termite infestation occurs. Create a barrier that will protect your home from termites before your home is even built.  

Move your woodpile

If you keep cut wooden logs near your home, move your woodpile. These areas accumulate moisture and offer a great starter environment for a termite colony. Any cellulose-based materials will decay and attract even more termites. Recycle your wood or keep them far away from your home or shed to prevent a detrimental termite infestation on your property.

Maintain your shrub beds

Termites love moisture, so keeping sprinklers away from your home and trimming the organic materials near your house is a necessity when it comes to preventing termites. Keep your shrubs and bushes at least a foot away from the wall of your home to encourage air flow and dispel moisture from accumulating at your home’s base. Additionally, consider using pine needles instead of mulch in your gardens — this material is less appetizing than mulch and prevents the accumulation of moisture better than the alternative.

Termites are a challenge for any home, but following these tips will help prevent an infestation from occurring in your area. If you ever get a termite infestation, relying on a professional is the only way to guarantee your home is safe.